The cellar and its history

The Coyes Grove wine cellar dates to the time of Louis XIV aka “The Sun King”.

At the time, the cellar was used to preserve food used for the meals of the construction workers building the château’s viaduct.

During the second world war, German forces used the site to stock weapons and petrol.

Afterwards, Madame Madeleine used the cellar to distill cider.

In 1971, Jocelyne and Yves Le Meaux acquired the cellar. Enchanted by the site’s potential, they decided to create a wine cellar.

When they retired, I took over the management of my parents’ wine cellar with my husband Jérôme Besnard.

About the name: “coyes” is the name in a local dialect for a type of red tree common to this region.

— Delphine Besnard